Race Car Storage in Melbourne

For automotive enthusiasts, finding secure and specialised race car storage in Melbourne is paramount. Benzina Stables emerges as a prime solution, offering an enthusiast-focused service tailored to the unique needs of race car owners.

From basic protective storage to comprehensive care packages, we provide peace of mind, ensuring that your prized vehicle is maintained in pristine condition and ready for the track whenever you are.


At Benzina Stables, we recognise that each race car and owner has specific needs. Our services are designed for flexibility and customisation, allowing you to select from basic storage to comprehensive care packages. This ensures that your race car is not just stored but also meticulously maintained according to your specifications and always ready for peak performance.

Basic Storage Features

In our basic storage plan, we cover your race car with a premium car cover, keep the battery charged, and perform regular checks. This ensures that even the most fundamental storage option keeps your vehicle in excellent condition.

Enhanced Security Measures

Our facility is equipped with advanced security features including a back-to-base alarm system, actively monitored CCTV, and secure concrete construction, ensuring that your race car is safeguarded against all threats.

Custom Care Options

For those requiring more than just a race car storage in Melbourne, we offer tailored care options including mechanical maintenance and detailing, ensuring your car remains show-ready and performs flawlessly.


We at Benzina Stables enhance the ownership experience beyond mere storage. Our comprehensive service offerings include everything from concierge services to exclusive member perks, addressing all aspects of race car ownership.

Concierge and Maintenance

Our concierge service handles all necessary maintenance and repairs, taking the hassle out of managing your race car’s upkeep. This includes wheel and dent repairs, tyre services, and more.

Transport and Access

Our storage facility in Melbourne provides flexible access to your race car, including standard and enclosed transport options, as well as short-notice and out-of-hours access, making it convenient for you to retrieve your vehicle whenever needed.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Our members enjoy additional benefits such as complimentary detailing services, discounts on various services, and invitations to exclusive automotive events, adding significant value to the race car storage experience in Melbourne.


Looking for premier race car storage in Melbourne? With top-tier security, customisable care packages, and a range of additional benefits, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. Don’t settle for less when it comes to protecting your prized possession.

Let Benzina Stables be your partner in race car care and storage! Secure your spot now and join the elite group of race car owners who trust us with their treasures.


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