Benzina Memberships

Social Membership

It’s not just about the cars – it’s about the community.

Connect with fellow enthusiasts – share stories and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Whether you are a Sunday cruiser, or a track day warrior, everyone’s welcome at Benzina Social.

What’s in Store for You:

Exclusive Access

Invite to our ‘Members only’ events – such as our ‘weekend blast’ drive days and our quarterly member bbq.

Special Offers

Unlock the full potential of your membership with our Club Permit Scheme and enjoy exclusive pricing on Benzina Stables merchandise and select services.

Partner Rewards

Access unbeatable discounts from our membership partners such as Evolve Driver Training, Chemical Guys, LiquiMoly, Super Syrup, Mobil1 and more.

And the best part? All this excitement can be yours for as little as $20 per month – talk about incredible value!

Black Membership

To celebrate 12 months of Benzina Stables, we are launching a foundation membership package. Being a member provides you with significant value in terms of special events, discounts and other inclusions. You will join a community of fellow enthusiasts, and whilst you might not have a vehicle to store with us, you can still be part of the club.

What You Get:

What does it cost? $100 per month

Note: For those on our Platinum Storage Service, membership is included
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